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Our Achievements

Since the establishment of Voice For Choice Nepal we are delicately continuing to work in different field and projects to make better society by our own effort which we are doing different efficient project in education, handicraft and recycle product promotion and relief measure distribution to the victims. These are the major factor effecting in the society where poor and ignorance that we want to reduce mainly in the remote area of the country by our prospects.

We have decided to start our work since the establishment and we are doing too. Even we all are bachelors level students however we have been conducting programs every months . With the available minimum resources and personal funding from our members we are changing our society by launching and conducting different programs in sector of education mainly. 

1.Immediate help and relief measures distribution-

Voice For Choice  Nepal has initiated its first project from relief measures collection and distribution during the devastating floods in Terai in 2074 bhadra .We spent our two days for funds ,clothing ,foods and medicine collection around the  three streets of Kathmandu valley .At that time we were capable to provide the emergency relief package with food ,clothes ,medicines to the 125 families of Rajdevi Municipality of Rautahat district.We have also provided  educational materials to all the victim's children and medicines to the health post too.


a.Education related problem solution in rural places of kavre

 In 2074 Kartik ,Voice For Choice Nepal initiated its second campaign to study the educational problem .

we had been to Kavre district which is neighboring district of Nepal's capital ,Kathmandu .However  our three days continuous walk over and down the hills prove that how remote the place are . We are there with a project to sponsor the children who are good at study but due to several problem like remoteness and poverty they are not getting education .but unfortunately our campaign turns its way towards another campaign because from our four day survey through out the hills we found that the children around every nook and corner always attend school even by walking more than 4 hour a day however the school which are running there as governmental school are collecting the money from the children which is against the education act of Nepal. it seems more pitiable and miserable for us as the people around there owns only food and rarely money .they struggle every day for their food .in such a condition ,it will be like catching a star sitting at the earth for them to pay the money for their children in school. not only this in name of providing English medium education they are collecting even more fund from the innocent people there which seems out of education act .it make us to think that if we take some children from there to sponsor them in Kathmandu ,it only improve the education of some children .so we make a positive decision to change and improve the several problem by discussing with the education ministry of Nepal in order to improvise the whole education system of that area.

As soon as we move a head towards the hill our eyes filled with tears as we see the education system of that place named "Dhoka" and the school named "Shree Jana Sakti primary school".After our survey and questionare with the local people we found that the school had only three rooms however the school is running classes from 1-5 .It seems so paining after we heard that the school owned only two teacher that is one principal and another teacher .Not only this after we came to know that the another teacher do not have more qualification ,we became more shocked.Besides this ,the classroom are damaged by the earthquake which devasted the whole Nepal two years before .due to remoteness and illiteracy people around there are not capable of complaining the situation and the related sector are not paying their attention .the more pain we get when we talk with the students of that place and found that even the student studying in grade 4 do not know the English alphabet too .

After long term survey and dealing with problem ,we conclude to solve all these problem .So we visited and discussed with district education office .they promise to support us and now we are studying about these problem and going there as soon as possible.

b.Class room decoration in government school:

Voice for choice Nepal had successfully finished its third campaign of decorating the classroom with educational materials and slogans in Azad school of panchkhal kavre.This campaign's main moto is to promote the small children to go to school and also to encourage to make the classroom more practical for better understanding in teaching learning process. We worked very hard for the different decoration and collect some funds within our members and organize it very nicely.

c.Inter school quiz competition 

In order to create the sound competition among the private and government school , voice for choice Nepal organized inter school quiz competition in panchkhal kavre .Our campaign"s moto was to study that how far difference there in panchkhal between private school and government school. 10 schools take part in our competition  and indreni bidhya mandir school was the winner .

The participation of government school was more than private school and the competition was ended so peacefully .Every members of voice for choice Nepal actively conducted and volunteered during the competition and all the expenses during the quiz programs was collected within the members.

3.Pokhara handicraft skill and training :

Voice for choice Nepal had conducted handicraft and recycle product training to the students of Gyanodwya school pokhara .We spend two days in pokhara with our own expenses and teach the children the skill development programs in free of cost.The active participation of children helps to make our work successful and their attention and performance are also extraordinary  .

After our campaign the student of that school promise us that they will day by day involve in such handicraft and recycle product development and use it as the source of income that will help them to run the school easily as it is the school funded by themselves .

As mentioned above, since beginning of organization with the minimum resources, we have been able to carry out various activities as above. We are so grateful to our respected members, individuals ,etc to make these activities comes true.



1.Conducting different programs to search and promote the child skill and relate them to the scientific and creative thinking for the betterment of children.

2.Promoting and starting different educational activities in those remote places where children are deprived of education as well as basic needs.

3. Working for the proper education management for the disabled and street children by co-operating and initiating different campaign.

4. Determinng, search and promote the use and creation of local and Nepalese handicraft and recycle product.

5. Providing the emergency as well as immediate relief measures to the victims during the disasters.

6. Conducting different awareness program and work to search various alternatives to control the increasing foreign employment .

7.Conducting various programs for sanitation , eradication of superstitious thinking and to work for the health related problems too.


The vision are so much clear .We do every works transparently .Our far sight vision is to make educational balance in every areas .

Voice For Choice Nepal had been established with a goal to change the educational system of every corner of Nepal.Our main moto is to improve the system in education for the betterment of children.Not only this we want to establish library in every districts so that student living in every nook and corner can get equal opportunity to get every types of books.

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