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Volunteering Field Information

Volunteering In Voice For Choice Nepal.

Join our weekly as well as monthly  volunteering programme where you will be based in the rural children of Nepal. As a volunteer, your role will be to provide education to the rural areas children and handicraft skill training to different rural community.

We’re aware that applicants come from a variety of backgrounds as well as national and international students too.  Therefore, we welcome people with specific skill-sets, however also we will provide the training to those volunteers who are not familiar to our works so that they can work in our fields.


Our Fields of Volunteering:

1. Teaching the rural children

Most of the schools in rural areas of Nepal are lacking proper education system. They do not get proper education .In spite of this they are backward in English language too .So, we want to send our volunteers to those areas and allowed them to teach the students in English Language which will surely improve the education system .Besides this we want to teach the rural children about the international culture as well as lifestyle too.


2. Education related campaign in Schools.

Being the developing country our education are based in theoretical way  only .So we want to conduct education related programs in different location of our country so that students can take part in different activities and can raise their talents .Therefore we will send our volunteers to conduct various programs in schools along with training .


3. Handicraft skill training

Voice for Choice Nepal will train its volunteers with different handicraft skill training .After that we will send our volunteers to different community to teach the rural women about handicraft where the women will be able to generate some income by selling the handicrafts.


Learning Opportunities

It is very important to us that volunteers gain an understanding of Voice for Choice Nepal background and projects, the context of development in Nepal and become aware of the need for responsible volunteering practices. This will not only enrich your experience but will ensure your contribution is ethical and worthwhile. Therefore, learning opportunities are facilitated before, during and after a volunteer’s placement. In preparation for their stay, detailed information packs are sent to volunteers and, on arrival, they receive a comprehensive induction on the work of Voice for Choice Nepal as well as the culture, customs and language of Nepal.

Daily routine

Every volunteers daily routine will be different based on the skills they bring and Voice For Choice Nepal needs at the time.

To ensure the well-being of volunteers, you must take at least two days off a week, usually Saturdays and Sundays. Your health is very important to us and you are no good to anyone if you are tired or sick!

Terms and Conditions:



It is a condition of your booking that you are prepared to be flexible in relation to your placement. If you are not happy with it or a suitable alternative cannot be found, we will be  trying to find you a suitable alternative. Every reasonable effort has been made to accurately describe the placement and the location of the office and guesthouse accommodation. We cannot therefore be held responsible for any changes that become known after the information has been provided, nor can we accept liability for happenings outside our reasonable control (such as natural disasters). We undertake to advise you of any material changes known to us prior to your departure.Be sure that our volunteering is free of cost so that you have to pay for your placement by yourself.


As part of your placement, your sleeping arrangements may be private or shared (depending on the number volunteers), and you will be required to share a bathroom and toilet facilities. It is important for you to realize that standards of hygiene will be in accordance with local norms, and are basic.


You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own travel (including your air fare) and for your return journey at the end of your placement. We will not plan a programme until you have sent us your flight details. We are unable to reimburse or otherwise be responsible for any flight, travel or other costs or expenses of any nature, for example if your flight is cancelled.

Travelling from the Airport

Comprehensive directions to our office in Kathmandu, both in english and Nepali, and contact numbers will be provided to you prior to your departure. Most of the time, either a current volunteer or the Communications Director will meet you at your hotel in Thamel and bring you to the volunteer accommodation. Otherwise, you are responsible for organising and paying for a local taxi to bring you from the airport to Mitrapark  (Voice for choice Nepal office location). We will arrange for someone to meet you out of your taxi and bring you directly toVoice For Choice Nepal.


You are responsible for all of your personal expense as well as transportation charges, foods and lodge and for the cost of extra activities (paragliding, rafting, bunjee jump and trekking) incurred during the course of your placement.

Travel Insurance

You must take out your own insurance cover for the period of your placement: you are responsible for ensuring that the amount and type of cover is sufficient and appropriate for the nature and location of your placement. You must provide us with a copy of your certificate of insurance as soon as possible. This insurance should at least cover the cost of cancellation of the placement by you, the cost of assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness, legal liability and expenses, lost baggage, cancelled flights, medical expenses, kidnapping, liability arising due to personal injury to you or a third party, cancellation of your placement for any other reason beyond our control.

Passport & Visas

You must ensure that you have a full passport, valid until at least 6 months after your planned return date. You are responsible for organizing your own tourist visa, as Nepal does not issue visas specifically for volunteers.

Problems during your Placement

You are responsible for showing a high level of independence, flexibility and initiative in dealing with problems yourself as they arise, taking common sense steps as an independent traveller to protect your safety on a day to day basis. Your coordinator will provide practical help should you need to return home or seek medical assistance before completion of your placement as a result of illness or other personal reason.

Your Obligations

You must comply with any reasonable request by your placement coordinator. This may involve being transferred to a site in the locality provided it does not place you in any danger. Travel must be reasonable and suitable accommodation provided. You may not enter into any direct negotiations or contractual arrangements for employment during your placement. You must take care of and be responsible for any materials provided for your use by your placement, and are responsible for any damage or loss you cause to such materials (directly or through neglect). Likewise, you are responsible for any damage to your accommodation caused by you or your guest(s). You must behave appropriately in accordance with locally accepted behaviour and custom during your placement, and Voice For Choice Nepal does not accept responsibility for failure to secure work or dismissal from such work due to inappropriate behavior.

Criminal Background Check and Reference

In accordance with our Child Protection Policy, you will be asked to provide a suitable reference and criminal background check during the application process. This is standard practice in any responsible child-first organisation. If in our opinion, the reference and/or criminal background check we receive about you or any other information you provide make you unsuitable for your chosen placement, we are entitled to refuse to proceed further with your application. 


 . Likewise, volunteer positions are non-transferable. If you must cancel or postpone your placement prior to commencement, for serious illness or personal reasons, our organization will rearrange your placement for a suitable future date.

Program Dates

Dates of your programme are agreed prior to arrival in Kathmandu. You may leave your placement early with agreement of the Voice For Choice Nepal. You may extend your volunteer period at the discretion of and with prior agreement of the Voice For Choice Nepal provided monies for the extra months are paid in advance.

Food & Accommodation

Lunch in the office will be provided by our office . While you are in field work you have to pay for the food that  we will provide in the nearby hotels . If you wish to supplement your diet with other foods and if you want to have extra expenses, the responsibility of these expenses are yours. agr. For example, if you go trekking or wish to stay in Nepal after your agreed period of placement you will be responsible for your own expenses. If you decide to go away during your placement,  you do this at your own cost.In case of rural areas which are so far ,you have to adjust in local foods too .

Code of conduct

All participants on our programmes are expected to adhere to proper conduct, listen to the coordinator's instructions and follow Voice For Choice Nepal code of conduct. This covers, but is not limited to, respecting others’ cultures and beliefs, working responsibly at your project, respecting the accommodation, and avoiding drugs and illegal activities. Also participants will be removed from their programme  if they engage in illegal, violent or improper behaviour. Finally, volunteers agree to follow the laws of Nepal, the policies of the community in which they volunteer, and/or the rules of the host family, failure to do so will result in the termination of their programme and forfeiture of all programme fees.


In fact Voice For Choice Nepal is non profitable organization .So we do not want to take charge for volunteering .All the volunteers are freely welcome in our organization .Just you have to do is to pay for accomodation ,food and transport during your placement.